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The dominant theme in conversations about the educational and career success of racial and ethnic minorities and people from low-income backgrounds is adversity. We repeatedly discuss disheartening obstacles, invoking helplessness in those who realize the scope is beyond the ability of any one person to help. Consequently, we spin our wheels, and while some indicators have shown improvement,[1] others have not moved at all.[2]

We can do better. I’ve seen the impact of shifting the conversation from “what is hindering my success” to “how do I succeed.” This shift can help us focus on our goals so we can take actions to achieve them.

Each of our successes is built on thousands of small building blocks – the genetic hand we are dealt at birth; how our culture defines success; interactions with our parents; how hard we are willing to work; how good our teachers are at helping us understand what we don’t know; and so on. While all people share these blocks, life molds them into wildly different shapes. Access to this diversity of experience benefits our schools, our businesses, and our government. Multiple perspectives lead to better decision making, improving bottom lines.

But first we need to get people into positions where they can apply that experience. This is the focus of my work.

I use my experience and scientific research to help students perform to their ability in law school and on the bar exam. I also work with stakeholders in positions of influence (from parents to presidents), helping them take actions that will help the people they serve live up to their potential. Additionally, I share what I’ve learned through writing and speaking.

What I Do


I primarily write about the application of scientific research to social issues. I also write about positive psychology topics. You can read my publications below.


Talks/Topics of conversation:


You provide the internal knowledge. I provide analysis and perspective. Together we realistic strategic projects that directly address your goals.


Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance, Bernard M. Baruch College
Master of Applied Positive Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
Juris Doctor, Brooklyn Law School


Elected Student Commencement Speaker (BLS, 2013)
3L of the Year (BLS Black Law Students Association, 2013)
SBA President’s Award for Public Service (BLS, 2013)
Alumnus of the Year (BLS BLSA, 2014)
Christopher Peterson Memorial Fellowship (2015, UPenn)

[1] EEOC, 2003

[2] https://nces.ed.gov/fastfacts/display.asp?id=171


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(2016) Channeling the River: Using Positive Psychology to Prevent Cultural Helplessness, as Applied to African-American Law Students[Master’s Thesis]

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