A Quick Rundown on the United States

The United States is a country of countries. Don’t believe me? Check the dictionary:   And now, “country.”   Not convinced? The colonies that became the United States first created the Continental Congress via a document titled the Articles of Association, stating We, his majesty’s most loyal subjects, the delegates of the several colonies . . . deputed … Continue reading A Quick Rundown on the United States

The Hardware Problem

A few years back, I was running errands when I ran into a friend. At some point the conversation turned to religion. This went about as well as you might imagine. The tone – initially chummy – shifted to debate mode. Each of us staked out a claim, stated our positions, then stood our ground. After fifteen … Continue reading The Hardware Problem


Hi, I’m Dwayne. When I was young, I found myself growing up in a poor neighborhood but attending school in an affluent neighborhood. The school I attended was considered better than the school back home, and one question I started asking around the time I was eight years old started to stick in my head: … Continue reading Intro