Academic Writing

Southwestern Law Review
Integrating Positive Psychology into Legal Education [Editor], 2019
University of Pennsylvania
Channeling the River: Using Positive Psychology to Prevent Cultural Helplessness, as Applied to African-American Law Students [Master’s Thesis], 2016

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The New York Law Journal
Could Bar Exam Pass Rates be Returning to Normal?, November 2015

Law Practice Today
When You Feel Like You Don’t Belong, August 2018

Positive Psychology News Daily
Two New Views of Learned Helplessness, June 2017
Positive Psychology is Not Equivalent to Positive Thinking, February 2017

High Performance Institute
3 Ways to Keep Conversations on Track, 2017

New York County Lawyer
The Art of Saying I Don’t Know, September 2014
What is Business Development (And Five Tips For Developing Your Business), July 2014
 Three Networking Tips You Might Not Have Considered, June 2014

Audiovisual Media

The Author’s Corner [Podcast]
Take Your Writing to the Next Level with Dwayne A. Thomas, 2022

Better Than Fine Podcast
Can You Do the Work?Self Perception, Stereotype Threat, and how Environment Can Affect Achievement, 2021

Practising Law Institute [Continuing Legal Education]
Channeling the River: Using Social and Cognitive Science to Steer Inclusion Efforts, 2018