Are you studying for or planning to study for the Bar Exam? Do you need help understanding the material, developing your writing skills, or calming your nerves?

I know how to beat the bar exam (read this first!). I know how to work harder by working smarter. And I know how to be incredibly efficient. I use this knowledge to help students put aside their fears and focus so they can do their best work the first time.

My system? I let you know what to expect. I pay attention. I work with you. I tell you when you’re on the right track and turn you away from the wrong track. You do the work and reach your goals.

 My credentials:

Juris Doctor, Brooklyn Law School (2013)

Master of Applied Positive Psychology, University of Pennsylvania (2016)

Passed the NY and NJ Bar Exams (2013)

Tutoring bar examinees since 2014; founded a large-scale bar exam tutoring project

Wrote master’s thesis, Channeling the River, about law school and bar exam success

Drafted 40 judicial decisions for a judge in the New York State Supreme Court


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