My name is Dwayne Allen Thomas. I’m an attorney and graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Master of Applied Positive Psychology program. I write about the social and psychological roots of success, and other stuff. My work has appeared in Psychology Today, The New York Law Journal, and Law Practice Today.

I became interested in social diversity and social mobility after 90% of the black students at my law school passed the July 2013 bar exam, though the group averaged a 50% pass rate. This one-time change resulted from student reaction to a change in the methodology of the U.S. News and World Report law school rankings, which shuffled the rankings, panicked students and led to a three percent rise in the New York bar exam pass rate. Realizing psychology was a factor preventing capable students from passing, I started a tutoring program and pursued my master’s. There, I learned these failures stem from a variety of factors, and that existing tools other than shock can help these students achieve their goals.

I have academic interests in psychology, positive psychology, social psychology, sociology, culture, race, anthropology, neuroscience, law, and history.

I can be reached by email at Dwayne at equal results dot com.

Sorry, I can’t give legal advice. Also nothing on this page should be considered legal advice.

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