3 Ways Cognitive Science can Help Diversity Efforts Succeed

These days, many schools, businesses, and associations make efforts to recruit and retain women and minorities. Yet, much of the press surrounding these efforts focuses on the various failures of these programs. Behind the scenes, discussions can also center on failures, rather than making plans to succeed. Finally, many of the approaches used by organizations … Continue reading 3 Ways Cognitive Science can Help Diversity Efforts Succeed

A Quick Rundown on the United States

The United States is a country of countries. Don't believe me? Check the dictionary:   And now, "country."   Not convinced? The colonies that became the United States first created the Continental Congress via a document titled the Articles of Association, stating We, his majesty's most loyal subjects, the delegates of the several colonies . . . deputed … Continue reading A Quick Rundown on the United States

The Hardware Problem

A few years back, I was running errands when I ran into a friend. At some point the conversation turned to religion. This went about as well as you might imagine. The tone - initially chummy - shifted to debate mode. Each of us staked out a claim, stated our positions, then stood our ground. After fifteen … Continue reading The Hardware Problem


Hi, I'm Dwayne. When I was young, I found myself growing up in a poor neighborhood but attending school in an affluent neighborhood. The school I attended was considered better than the school back home, and one question I started asking around the time I was eight years old started to stick in my head: … Continue reading Intro